• Insane Music Project: Lappy Time

    Spending time on the computer, uploading tons of tracks, organizing, backing up. You know – rock star shit. Getting pretty behind-the-scenes with this one. Haha!

  • Insane Music Project: An Idea

    A little here; a little there. Ideas strike and I had some extra time this weekend, so I decided to just work on what was rolling around in my head. I’ll definitely use it for something, once it’s done. Enjoy!

  • Insane Music Project: Earle Bradley 3

    Finally getting around to recording some country-flavoured goodness.

  • Insane Music Project: Earle Bradley 2

    Didn’t get much done this week, so just started to get set up for recording Earle Bradley. Enjoy! When someone mentions outlaw country music, it’s pretty unlikely you think of someone who divides their time between The Philippines, Thailand, and Bangladesh. Along with his parents, Earle Bradley moved to The Philippines from Franklin Tennessee, when …