• Insane Music Project: Overdue Update

    An overdue update. Enjoy!

  • Band Swap 7: Regina, December 29

    Back again, this fundraiser is! 7 bands of 5 randomly drawn musicians get 24 hours to learn randomly drawn popular tunes, and perform them in front of a sold-out crowd! Proceeds to Carmichael Outreach and Girls Rock Regina! There may be melodica, there may be drumming, there may be a capella, there may be ipad, …

  • Insane Music Project: Afraid Of Small Spaces 2

    Rocking the electro punk vibes this week: recording guitar tracks, synth tracks, drums, vocals… you name it. Enjoy!

  • Insane Music Project: Weekend Studio Session

    Got a lot done this week – full track completed, deleted a couple of failed recording attempts, added extra vocal tracks to something else – completing that one. Yeah. Not bad! I’ll take it. Enjoy!