Ladies and gentlemen: Whisky Bear

It’s been a few months in the making, but I’m happy to announce a new project I’ve been working on, in secret, deep below the Earth’s surface, in the @carliermusic studio.

>>Whisky Bear on Soundcloud<<

Whisky Bear is a gentle creature native to the delicious spirit-producing Canadian prairies. Living mostly alone on malt liquor and big dreams, Whisky Bear decided to hit the road one day, bringing good cheer to the towns of Canada in the form of music that had been taught to him by the sacred distilled spirits. Today, he can be found at local music venues across the country, playing a brand of electronic and acoustic music that has been delicately aged in fine oak barrels for some 30 years – a sound that is familiar, yet altogether original.

There are a couple of shows already lined up, but they’re not for a while. Stay up-to-date @whiskybearmusic.