Thursday, October 2, 2014
10:00 PM
The Artful Dodger
1631 11th Ave, Regina, SK

As you may know, I host a couple of shows on Regina Community Radio:
What Planet Is This?!
Operation Manatee (co-hosted by Cory Paetsch)

I’ve been involved with CJTR for 5 years now, and am glad to be part of a station that strives to create a top-notch alternative to mainstream sludge radio. All this week, the station has been running Radiothon – our biggest fundraiser of the year. CJTR is supported by listeners like you. To make a pledge to keep this station going and help it become even better (and get entered into great prize draws) visit or call 306-525-7274.

As well, if you’re the type who likes live local music and entertainment, come join us at the Artful Dodger tonight. The evening starts with real stand-up comedy and ends with a funky dance party featuring Regina’s finest DJ duo, 2 Beats, and yours truly on sax and synth!